About walter gray films


Walter Gray Films is a small media production company located in Wisconsin, Specializing in wedding, music video,  and small business cinematography. At Walter Gray Films we believe that no matter what it is that you do in life, it should be done with passion. Just like in marriage, where 2 people come together to strengthen their relationship and bonds to one another, we believe in forming strong relationships with our clients. we believe in helping you tell that story. I see something special and show it to the camera. The moment is held until someone sees it, then it's theirs. We are here to capture every moment of your special day so that you can always look back and reminisce, and then we make it look like a movie.

Walter Gray Films launched in 2013. We started with small projects, (promo work, short films, music videos). Originally started in the Midwest (Green Bay, GO PACK!) where we shot a music video that went semi-viral (thanks to a certain celeb seeing and sharing our video). From there we worked in WI, IL,  St. Louis, Kansas City, MA, CT, and we would love to come to wherever you are even if it's halfway across the globe.